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Joe Welinske Content Strategist


6 Speakers to Check Out at ConveyUX

Blink is pleased to announce the speakers, topics and activities for our fifth annual UX conference. ConveyUX has become the annual event to celebrate research and design in the Puget Sound Area. We hope you’ll join us February 28 to March 2 in Seattle. Our ConveyUX 2017 featured speakers include Steve Krug Steve Krug is… Read more

ConveyUX 2016 Program is Set!

I hope the first half of this year has been productive and rewarding for you. As one of our valued contacts, I’d like to give you an update on our conference activities. We are excited to have Jakob Nielsen, Indi Young, Maria Giudice, and Eric Schaffer providing featured presentations. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gareth Cook and… Read more

What’s Next for YOU in UX?

It could be designing human-machine interfaces for automobiles. Or possibly crafting wearables for GenZ consumers. You might need to work with very small software user interfaces. Or face down the challenges associated with physical interactions on the appliances of the future. All of that is going to be wrapped around an understanding of empathy, creativity,… Read more

Examples of UA in mobile apps

Path-Finding in Software: User Assistance in Mobile Apps

How do people find their way through applications? Generally, words and images carry much of the weight when it comes to path-finding in software. It doesn’t matter whether it is an enterprise-level desktop application, a consumer web site, or a mobile app — text and graphics play an important role in directing the user in… Read more

ConveyUX Logo

ConveyUX 2015: Call for Proposals is Open!

In preparation for our third-annual conference, you are invited to submit a proposal to make a presentation. If you have attended the ConveyUX conference before, this is your opportunity to move to the front of the room. If you are new to ConveyUX, you’ll find an exciting atmosphere. Presenting a session at the conference provides… Read more

Quick Testing of Accessibility for iOS Apps

The concept of making our software accessible to those with various disabilities has been well evangelized, yet not broadly implemented. Hopefully, your organization has some form of quality assurance related to accessibility. Whether or not they do, there are a few quick and easy tests you can do to make sure your UX designs are… Read more