Class: UX Research Testing

John and Tom cover UX research + testing methods in this one-day class.

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Conducting User Research and COVID-19

Kelly Franznick

In collaboration with colleagues within and outside of Blink, plus a fair amount of experimenting at home, Chief Innovation Officer Kelly Franznick put together a set of protocols for a safe return to our user research labs.

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The Gilmore Research Group’s Qualitative Research Services Division Acquired by Blink...

Blink Interactive announced it has acquired certain assets of the Qualitative Research Services Division of The Gilmore Research Group.

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Three Tips for Agile UX Research

Irene Barber

Here are three tips to embrace the constraints and keep UX research as a fundamental part of Agile.

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Matching Prototypes to Research Goals

Heidi Adkisson

One of the most important parts of planning for any type of user research or usability testing is a clear set of research questions: what do you want to find out as a result of the study? It seems like an obvious step, yet sometimes this is overlooked.

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Better Together: User Research and Analytics

Diego Fontes

Incorporating analytics into UX processes and research methods can add value in many ways. Project teams should use a combination of different data types to consistently measure data (in the wild) about usability and user behavior.

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Blink and Microsoft Invited Seattle’s UX Research Leaders to Ask “#WhatIsResearchOps?...

Blink Staff

On Thursday, June 28, Blink was pleased to host a #WhatIsResOps workshop for our region. The workshop was led by Melissa Braxton, a research director at Blink, and Sheetal D. Agarwal, Microsoft Research + Insight senior design researcher.

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Why Remote Research is Sometimes the Best Choice (and How to Do it Right)

Mira Rao

What do we mean by remote research? When is remote research the right choice? What are some tips for dealing with the challenges that come along with this approach?

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Fast Field Research in Just 5 Days

Roxane Neal

It was a Tuesday at 11:00 am and we just got off a kickoff call with a new client. We stared at each other and knew what had to happen: I needed to be on a plane the next day to cross the country to conduct customer interviews on Thursday.

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User Research Tools for The Optimal Santa

Jonathan Evans

To achieve joy in the hearts of children, Santa must have an amazing process and an excellent grasp of the user experience of gift giving. While others have suggested an alternative solution for Santa’s approach, we here at Blink take a more analytical approach.

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Puget Sound Research Forum November Luncheon

Puget Sound Research Forum November Luncheon

Puget Sound Research Forum's November Luncheon is featuring the presentation “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Marketing Research?” on November 19 from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM.

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Blink UX Establishes User Research Lab In San Francisco

Blink UX, a research and design firm specializing in the user experience of digital products, announced the availability of its new user research lab in San Francisco, CA.

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