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February 15th, 2024

Blink UX Leadership Exchange

Our first UX Leadership Exchange was a hit! Thanks to the panelists and over 50 attendees who joined us at our Blink Seattle Studio for an insightful discussion and networking happy hour. Join our email list to stay up-to-date on future Blink events.

About the event

Four industry leaders joined our panel to discuss lessons learned in 2023, trends shaping the industry in 2024, strategies for influencing across organizations, and tips for strengthening team resilience.


Panelists from left to right: Tom Satwicz, Alix Han, Robb Nielsen, Angela Byers, and moderator Laura Blanchard. All photography provided by Mark Gsellman.
Blink’s Chief Revenue Officer, Shindy, meeting other attendees.
Sarah, our Seattle studio host, bringing the energy.
Tom Satwicz, VP of Research at Blink, sharing his 2024 trend predictions.
Attendees enjoying the panel discussion in our Blink Seattle studio.
January 25th, 2024

Blink UX Leadership Exchange

Blink UX Seattle, 1011 Western Ave Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98104

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