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The Art of the Conceptual Prototype

Heidi Adkisson

If you’re not familiar with mind mapping, it’s a handy way to visualize ideas and the connections between them for all sorts of contexts.

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Evolving a Design Team Meeting

Jonathan Evans

Blink has grown considerably in the past year, and we have more UX designers on our team than ever before. As we’ve grown, we’ve needed to evolve our design process, including our weekly practice group meeting where we address topics like design ops for all of Blink’s designers.

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Getting in the Mood: 9 Tips for Better Moodboards

Ronald Viernes

Working as a visual designer, I've learned to use moodboards to successfully pitch concepts to our internal team and clients. Moodboards are more than selecting images that specify type, color, texture, etc. At a higher level, a moodboard should express specific feelings and attributes.

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How Evidence-driven Design Supports Innovation

Brent Summers

At Blink, we believe every interaction can be made meaningful if designed with a deep understanding of human behavior. The evidence we uncover through research drives our design process.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Blink is Honored at Fourth Annual San Francisco Design Week Awards

Blink was recognized for our design work with the Special Olympics.

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Blink Wins at the Third Annual San Francisco Design Week Awards

Blink was recognized for our design work with Edelman Financial Engines.

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Up & Running: 3 Tips For An Awesome Onboarding UX

Tristan Plank

The onboarding process is a critical step in setting your users up for success with your product, but there are a number of considerations and hard decisions to be made when you are designing your onboarding to define how best to get your users familiar with your product and its value.

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Blink at San Francisco Design Week

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021

Hiring a User Experience Design Firm

Kelly Franznick

Thinking of working with a user experience (UX) design firm? You may not know where to start.

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Blink Acquires Seattle Experience Design Studio Tectonic

Blink Acquires Seattle Experience Design Studio Tectonic

Blink continues its expansion with the purchase of a well-known Seattle design company, Tectonic.

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Sweat the Details: Animation and Microinteractions in Mobile Apps

Tristan Plank

Crafting a useful, usable, and beautiful app takes a lot of work and a willingness to throw your designs out the window again and again until you get things right. Even if you get that far, there are usually at least five other apps out there that already do what yours does. Why is yours better? What sets it apart?

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