What Is the Impact of the Proposed Revisions to the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative ...

Joe Welinske

Blink is looking forward to integrating version 3 into its existing accessibility practice as soon as it is formalized. All organizations interested in expanding accessibility on the web should welcome this latest addition from the W3C.

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Raising Awareness for Accessibility

Sara Keats

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup hosted its largest meetup yet, featuring lightning talks from accessibility and inclusive design leaders in Blink San Diego studio.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Prioritizing Accessibility in UX Research and Design

McKayl Barrows

As we gear up for our Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) event on Thursday, May 20, 2021, learn how our UX teams are making accessibility a priority, and how your team can do the same.

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Accessibility in the UX Industry and at Blink

Lynsey Lacher

Accessibility in the UX industry and at Blink In October studio manager Lynsey Lacher interviewed Joe Welinske, accessibility director and ConveyUX program manager for National Disability Awareness Month.

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Quick Testing of Accessibility for iOS Apps

Joe Welinske

There's an easy way to test how users will experience your designs on iPhone and iPad with accessibility features enabled.

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Adventures in Accessibility: What We Learned from Fixing Our Own Website

Damon van Vessem

The benefits of the web are not evenly distributed. It promises easy access to content and tools for everyone, but frequently fails to include the needs of people with impairments, whether permanent (over 57 million people in the US alone) or temporary (all of us at one point or another).

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Blink’s Accessibility Director, Joe Welinske Appointed to King County Metro’s Access ...

UX research and design firm Blink UX is pleased to announce that Accessibility Director Joe Welinske has been appointed to King County Metro’s Access Paratransit Advisory Committee (APAC).

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Designing for Mobility Impairments

Joe Welinske

Blake Geyen

I met with Blake, one of Blink’s assistive device specialists, to discuss the challenges of his mobility impairment and his tips for creating inclusive app and web designs.

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Blink at San Francisco Design Week

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021

Getting in the Mood: 9 Tips for Better Moodboards

Ronald Viernes

Working as a visual designer, I've learned to use moodboards to successfully pitch concepts to our internal team and clients. Moodboards are more than selecting images that specify type, color, texture, etc. At a higher level, a moodboard should express specific feelings and attributes.

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Design Tips For Non-Designers: Using Color

Peter Stern

In an effort to do my part and help increase the world’s number of well-designed presentations, I’m starting a series called “Design Tips For Non-Designers.” These tips aren’t intended to make designers out of non-designers. They are simply to help folks who don’t have design training become better at visual communications

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