Increasing Your Chances of Successful Design Decisions

Heidi Adkisson

In the ideal world, every design decision would be informed by user research or usability testing. But in the real world, that’s not always possible. Sometimes, you just have to rely on your own internal decision‐making abilities. Below are some tips we’ve found helpful for increasing the odds of a successful user experience, regardless of the resources available for a project:

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Blink at San Francisco Design Week

Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021

Flat or Skeuomorphic is the Wrong Question. It’s About Satisfaction.

Adam Faja

A great deal of digital ink has been spilled of late regarding the relative merits of Flat Design versus Skeuomorphism. On one side of the spectrum, both Microsoft and Yahoo! are embracing elements of Flat Design while Apple famously incorporates facets of so-called skeuomorphic design across its application portfolio.

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The Client Debrief, Part Two: 7 Steps to a Successful Meeting

Trista Meehan

Now that the benefits have been covered, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of running an effective research debrief meeting with your clients. A little smart prep work can save a lot of time and effort when analyzing/reporting research results, especially when your time and budget is limited.

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Redshift Digital Joins Blink for a Golden Gate Future

Karen Clark Cole

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I announce that the well-known, high-end, wildly creative, and super fun San Francisco UX studio, Redshift is joining forces with Blink!

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Blink is Honored at Fourth Annual San Francisco Design Week Awards

Blink was recognized for our design work with the Special Olympics.

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Blink Wins at the Third Annual San Francisco Design Week Awards

Blink was recognized for our design work with Edelman Financial Engines.

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Characterizing Users and Usage

Heidi Adkisson

At Blink we create behavioral profiles, along with key scenarios, to characterize users and usage.

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Which Soft Skills are Essential for UX Pros?

Amy L. Dickson

Everyone talks about the required hard skills it takes to succeed in the world of user experience. HTML5, a background in ethnographic research, and the ability to create prototypes—these are not trivial skills and are a must for any UX team. But nobody tells you the soft skills required to succeed on that same team. Until now.

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When and Why To Start a Hardware User Research Program (White Paper)

Blink Staff

Read "When and Why To Start a Hardware User Research Program" to learn how hardware user research can help you create an inclusive, commercially successful product that people use, love, and remember.

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Client UX: How Wedding Planning Taught Me The Secret To Winning Clients

Claire Carlson

In just over two months I’m tying the knot. I’ve always considered myself a perfectionist and highly organized, which is why I opted to do all the planning myself and not hire a coordinator. Food, music, venue, photography, décor, invitations, that’s all me.

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Fundamental Dimensions of Contrast

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

Designers know that using contrast is an effective way to direct attention to a specific design element. But what makes it so effective?

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