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Five Tips for Designing Better Conversational Interfaces

Chris Mueller

From chatbots to intelligent assistants, conversation interfaces are changing the way that people interact with their computers, and designers have a unique opportunity to shape this medium at the ground level. Like all emerging tech, best practices are still being developed, but here at Blink we’ve had the opportunity to design a few of our own and learned a lot along the way.

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Object Modeling for Designers: An Introduction

Heidi Adkisson

As a user experience designer, it can feel as though I am waging an on-going, never-ending battle against complexity, especially when working on enterprise systems. A popular route to simplify an experience is to implement a design system. Design systems are essential, but what I hope to show in this article is that a design system alone — particularly if it’s primarily a component level design system — does not guarantee a simple, consistent experience.

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Kelly Franznick Celebrated at University of Washington HCDE Graduation

Blink's cofounder and CIO was awarded the Myron L. White Award for his dedication and service to the Human Centered Design and Engineering program.

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2019 ConveyUX Boston: Exploring the Nexus of Product and UX

Brent Summers

Blink is the producer of an annual conference in Seattle called ConveyUX. This year, we're very excited to bring product design leaders and UX professionals together at our first ever UX conference in Boston.

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Raising Awareness for Accessibility

Sara Keats

In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive Design Meetup hosted its largest meetup yet, featuring lightning talks from accessibility and inclusive design leaders in Blink San Diego studio.

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Karen Clark Cole Joins Keynote Panel at ILA Women and Leadership Conference

Blink’s CEO and cofounder joins other prominent leaders for the opening keynote panel at the 4th annual conference in Santa Cruz.

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It’s Showtime for Apple Services

Heidi Adkisson

It was all about entertainment on Monday at the Steve Jobs Theater, where Apple announced a new set of long-awaited services.

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Two Big Themes from ConveyUX 2019

Claudia Haon

Claudia Haon attended ConveyUX, a user experience conference in Seattle hosted by Blink. There were some reoccurring themes that many of the speakers addressed, two of which particularly stood out and resonated with her: questioning the problems we are solving and defining what we mean by “success.”

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Redshift Digital Joins Blink for a Golden Gate Future

Karen Clark Cole

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I announce that the well-known, high-end, wildly creative, and super fun San Francisco UX studio, Redshift is joining forces with Blink!

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Blink Acquires Redshift Digital, A San Francisco User Experience Design Studio

Blink, a user experience (UX) research and design firm, continues its national expansion with the purchase of Redshift Digital, a well-known San Francisco UX design studio.

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Getting in the Mood: 9 Tips for Better Moodboards

Ronald Viernes

Working as a visual designer, I've learned to use moodboards to successfully pitch concepts to our internal team and clients. Moodboards are more than selecting images that specify type, color, texture, etc. At a higher level, a moodboard should express specific feelings and attributes.

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Better Together: User Research and Analytics

Diego Fontes

Incorporating analytics into UX processes and research methods can add value in many ways. Project teams should use a combination of different data types to consistently measure data (in the wild) about usability and user behavior.

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