Has Work Changed Forever?

Karen Clark Cole

The world has changed as a result of COVID-19 and social distancing. The new question emerging is not so much "how will we return to work?", but rather "how has work changed forever?"

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Launching the Future of Global Experience Design Alongside Mphasis

Mphasis, (BSE: 526299; NSE: MPHASIS), an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, announced today, its acquisition of Blink UX, a User Experience research, strategy, and design firm that works with the world’s leading companies to create transformative digital products, brands, and experiences.

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Getting Started with Apple Music

Ankitha Bharadwaj

It’s highly probable that I’m part of the last generation that remembers walking into a music store and purchasing a physical thing that plays music. Whether that’s vinyl, cassette tapes, or CDs, these tangible relationships we had with music are quickly fading away.

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Five Tips for Designing Better Conversational Interfaces

Chris Mueller

From chatbots to intelligent assistants, conversation interfaces are changing the way that people interact with their computers, and designers have a unique opportunity to shape this medium at the ground level. Like all emerging tech, best practices are still being developed, but here at Blink we’ve had the opportunity to design a few of our own and learned a lot along the way.

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Why the Toughest Conversations Matter Most

Karen Clark Cole

Karen Clark Cole, CEO and co-founder of Blink UX, holds closely to the 7 Fierce Principles in her work and life. In fact, she has them posted on her office wall. I asked her some questions about how she applies them.

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Personal Healthcare Metrics and Good UX

John Dirks and Tom Satwicz are featured in User Experience Magazine for September 2014.

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What it means to be a design-led company and how to become one

Geoff Harrison

Organizations that embrace evidence-driven design increase profits, retain customers, and align on business goals quicker than their engineering-led counterparts. This article will discuss what it means to be a design-led organization and how you can apply design in any industry.

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What to know before starting (and finishing) hardware user research

Michael Harding

Blink is unique for applying our user research processes and approaches to both hardware and digital experiences. Some of the most complex and engaging digital experiences go hand in hand with specific hardware, and some of the most exciting hardware is useless without a visionary digital experience.

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Personal Health Metrics and Good UX: Partners in Healthcare

John Dirks

When coupled with a good user experience, personal health apps and data can inspire positive behavioral or lifestyle changes.

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On Being Like a Unicorn: How to Become a UX Designer Extraordinaire

Amy L. Dickson

Working in User Experience consulting has been likened to being a Unicorn: You are a unique and rare creature who is empathetic, creative, constructive, fast, and effective. At Blink UX we are very selective regarding who we hire and are always on the lookout for top UX talent.

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Best Practices for Writing on the Web

Damon van Vessem

Great websites guide users to content with elegance and ease, through usable information architecture and a pleasing visual design. But, user experience doesn’t stop there. Users spend more time engaging with your site’s content than using its navigation or admiring its style. Once on the right page, it’s the quality of writing that delivers the value.

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Blink’s New Offices with a View

Karen Clark Cole

Blink’s new office space had many requirements; workstations, client meeting rooms, project collaboration rooms, training and event space and most importantly, state-of-the-art usability labs with adjoining client observation rooms. All this, plus it had to be a highly usable space, comfortable to work in and look good.

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