A Happy New Year letter from our CEO

Karen Clark Cole

Blink UX CEO Karen Clark Cole reflects on the past year and shares what to expect from Blink in 2023.

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Mobile Text Entry Methods Usability Study

Nika Smith

The mobile device and application market has grown rapidly over the last few years, allowing users to stay in touch and work with data more effectively on the go. Text entry methods vary significantly across devices, raising an important question: Which input methods actually work well for entering text?

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What Is the Impact of the Proposed Revisions to the W3C WAI?

Joe Welinske

Blink is looking forward to integrating version 3 into its existing accessibility practice as soon as it is formalized. All organizations interested in expanding accessibility on the web should welcome this latest addition from the W3C.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

Karen Clark Cole

This International Women’s Day, we asked women in leadership at Blink to talk about equity and the importance of gender diversity and representation. Read on for a response from our CEO and co-founder, Karen Clark Cole.

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Workplace Culture: How to Make Hard Conversations Easier

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

Even people with considerable power — owners, CEOs, board chairs — are often reluctant to have the tough talks that are required for them to achieve the outcomes they desire.

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Eight Tips For UX Projects In Complex Domains

Roxane Neal

How do you provide value quickly to your client or to your product team? How do you confidently argue for findings and steer designs when you are new to that industry’s domain? Below I share a few tips from Sarah Barrett, a few colleagues, and myself.

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How Blink UX Inspires Corporate Social Responsibility In the Workplace

Kristina Knaus

A recent NPR campaign asked Millennials to define themselves using single words — words like adventurer, optimist, eco-conscious, and activist were among the most popular ways we describe ourselves. These really resonate with me, and I can say without a doubt there is one thing Millennials care a lot about: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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How UX Can Help IoT Products, Part 1: Strategy

Brian O'Shea

Smart homes. IoT. Connected devices. VR. What happens when buzzy, emerging technologies begin to infiltrate the everyday?

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Five Design Tools for Voice UX

Damon van Vessem

The number of products with a voice component grows daily – just look at the recent announcements of Google Home, the Amazon Echo Dot, and Samsung’s acquisition of Viv. Yet it’s hard to find examples of design tools and artifacts in the voice UX space.

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Six Evidence-Driven Best Practices for Game Websites

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

As a user researcher here at Blink UX, I’ve spent some time assessing and testing websites for the game industry. Game websites have a variety of audiences with unique goals, but the most notable ones are these:

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Karen Clark Cole on Mike Adams About Money Radio

Karen Clark Cole

Karen talks to Mike Adams, host of About Money Radio, about why having a positive user experience is no longer a way to set yourself apart, but really a requirement for any successful business.

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Using the Livescribe Smartpen for Research

Heidi Adkisson

Stakeholder interviews, user research, user testing—all are integral to our approach on a Blink design engagement—and all require superior note-taking skills. Enter the Livescribe Smartpen. I’ve found the Smartpen to be an invaluable tool for note taking of all kinds, but particularly for note taking during research.

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