eero Unboxed: Future Meets Reality

Damon van Vessem

As a UX designer, I can’t help but evaluate the user experience of products I interact with. I recently moved into a new house and found myself in need of boosting the WiFi signal, so I purchased the highly reviewed WiFi system called eero.

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California Dreamin'

Karen Clark Cole

After three years of planning, Blink’s expansion efforts are starting to take shape, beginning with the recent opening of a new office in San Diego. San Diego is the first of several new West Coast offices, and then we will be heading east.

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College and Career Tips for Future UX Pros

Roxane Neal

If you are a college student considering a design degree—or any degree, for that matter—you’re probably stressed, scared, and unsure about your career path.

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Blink Listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for User Experience, 2020

Blink Listed in Gartner Hype Cycle for User Experience, 2020

Blink was recognized among the vendors in the 2020 report

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Designing for Mobility Impairments

Joe Welinske

Blake Geyen

I met with Blake, one of Blink’s assistive device specialists, to discuss the challenges of his mobility impairment and his tips for creating inclusive app and web designs.

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Work Practice Matters

Heidi Adkisson

The person hovered over OmniFocus at the start of each day? Yes, that would be me. Rewind 20 years and there I am again, but this time lugging about a three-ring Franklin Planner. Suffice it to say that planning and I go WAY back.

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The Benefits of Universal User Experiences

Tim Bridgham

Over the past five years I’ve supported users with their technology questions, either as an IT professional or “that techie friend,” and one constant that remains is the usefulness of a universal user experience. Maintaining a consistent design, feel, and set of interactions across devices is at the heart of universal user experience.

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How Blink UX Inspires Corporate Social Responsibility In the Workplace

Kristina Knaus

A recent NPR campaign asked Millennials to define themselves using single words — words like adventurer, optimist, eco-conscious, and activist were among the most popular ways we describe ourselves. These really resonate with me, and I can say without a doubt there is one thing Millennials care a lot about: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Three Steps To Better Dashboards

Heidi Adkisson

Not that there is anything wrong with making a dashboard visually appealing—it’s a key part of the user experience. But I’d suggest an approach to designing dashboards that begins with the what before getting into the specifics of how to present the display.

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Lessons from Usability Testing-Designing for the Real World

Jen Amsterlaw, PH.D

When designing a new system (or redesigning an existing one), it’s important to keep the user’s real-world context in mind. A lot of thought and effort will hopefully go into making sure the product delivers the right set of features, has the right look and feel, and abides by standard UI conventions. But designs that seem solid conceptually can still fail if they do not take into account how real users will interact with them in the real world.

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What to know before starting (and finishing) hardware user research

Michael Harding

Blink is unique for applying our user research processes and approaches to both hardware and digital experiences. Some of the most complex and engaging digital experiences go hand in hand with specific hardware, and some of the most exciting hardware is useless without a visionary digital experience.

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Visual design tips for non-designers: using color

Peter Stern

In an effort to do my part and help increase the world’s number of well-designed presentations, I’m starting a series called “Design Tips For Non-Designers.” These tips aren’t intended to make designers out of non-designers. They are simply to help folks who don’t have design training become better at visual communications. This is for all the project managers, researchers, and marketing folks out there who want to improve their deliverables. You know who you are.

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