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Jonathan Evans Interaction Designer

I am both an Interaction Design and User Research pro, as well as the semi-official tie-wearing Blink UX mascot. When not considering switching to a modeling career, I can be seen playing with my ridiculously cute family.


Blinker Profiles: Meet Jonathan Evans

Blinkers are an interesting and dynamic group of people. Each Blinker is carefully selected to join the team because we understand how he or she will positively contribute to our culture and work. And while we do post Blinker Bios on our website, we thought we’d go a little further and profile our Blinkers on… Read more

Won’t Someone Think Of The Children?

Debra Levin Gelman Shows You How to Design for Them When I sat down to read “Design For Kids” by Debra Levin Gelman, I had mixed expectations. The blog seemed pretty good, but I have found these types of books can be a bit lightweight. You can skim them in 30 minutes, pick out a… Read more

User Research Tools for The Optimal Santa

To achieve joy in the hearts of children, Santa must have an amazing process and an excellent grasp of the user experience of gift giving. While others have suggested an alternative solution for Santa’s approach, we here at Blink take a more analytical approach. With that in mind, we decided to explore what research tools… Read more

Here Be Dragons & How Google Maps Found Them

My family and I recently took a trip to Japan. It was a gift for my wife, although people have questioned how much of a gift it was since we brought our one- and four-year-old girls. Sure, it was a crazy time, but we’re a pretty crazy family. And it did prove to be the… Read more

List of UX guides

On the Fringe of UX

A friend of mine recently called me up and asked if she should go to ConveyUX. She’s a Project Manager, but she does just enough user experience (UX) work to be dangerous. She feels she should hone her UX sword rather than chopping with it like a machete. I thought about it for a few… Read more

Almond+ Router

Routers for Humans: A Nutty Concept

Backstory Routers are critical for all of us to gain access to the Internet. And let’s face it, we love the Internet. So why do we tolerate such awful UX for something so critical? A few years ago, I stumbled across something that gave me hope on Kickstarter: Someone was trying to confront this problem… Read more

POW! Comixology Evolves

Comixology is the #1 way to read comic books digitally. Many competitors have come and gone, but when Marvel and DC embraced the company and started using the Comixology technology in their apps, Comixology was essentially crowned the victor. Comixology’s rise over the years eventually, and perhaps inevitably, led to the purchase by Amazon. The… Read more