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The reviews and analysis on the Apple Watch have been voluminous—no surprise given the general buzz around Apple and the intense anticipation for the Watch specifically. However, reviews have been a mixed lot—from glowing to glowering to in-between. Having purchased an Apple Watch about a month ago and worn it daily since then, I decided… Read more

How to use mind-mapping, a tool where users visually map their ideas surrounding a product, to gain valuable UX insights. Read more

In my last post, I talked about my motivations for looking into Apple Music, and my plan to suss out the positives and the negatives. I discovered some red flags that Apple may wish to address. Let’s dive into the details. Findings I spoke with six active digital music listeners about how they typically consume… Read more

It’s highly probable that I’m part of the last generation that remembers walking into a music store and purchasing a physical thing that plays music. Whether that’s vinyl, cassette tapes, or CDs, these tangible relationships we had with music are quickly fading away. With the days of mix tapes, burning CDs, and Napster long behind… Read more

I happily attended the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) conference a few weeks ago in San Diego. I always get so much out of industry conferences. I learned. I networked. I was inspired. Yes, it was worth the time and money! Let me share these four helpful lessons learned. 1. Don’t Forget These Participants As… Read more

At Blink, we think and talk a lot about UX. And while each day more people are joining our conversation, there is still a lot of confusion around what UX actually means. I talk about it as a way of thinking and a business approach: User experience is no longer a job title or a… Read more

Recently, I did something I hadn’t tried before: I was “reading” a book in two separate formats on two different devices. In the mornings on my walk I listened to the audio book using the Audible app. In the evenings, at home, I read the digital book on my Kindle. What I soon discovered is… Read more

Today, July 1, 2015 is a special day in the life of Blink UX as we celebrate 15 wonderful years! Yes, it’s our Quinceañera, and in honor of the many wonderful memories, people, and events, we’d like to share a few Blinker stories and photos with you, including the one above where Karen was recently a… Read more