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Debra Levin Gelman Shows You How to Design for Them When I sat down to read “Design For Kids” by Debra Levin Gelman, I had mixed expectations. The blog seemed pretty good, but I have found these types of books can be a bit lightweight. You can skim them in 30 minutes, pick out a… Read more

Last week was awesome and here’s why: I was inspired and educated by my team every single day last week. It started in Denver on Tuesday with a client in the healthcare business, and my colleagues Claire and Katherine. We were presenting at an “advisory board” review meeting with ~ 20 people in two different… Read more

Regardless of your professional field, the quality of the decisions you make ultimately determines the quality of your work. Earlier in my career there was a lot of emphasis on rational decision-making — sometimes elaborate ranking or ordering systems designed to identify the optimal course of action. But the shortcomings of this approach were brought… Read more

I’m so proud of so many things that it’s hard to know where to start. Mostly I am proud of every single Blink employee for really taking ownership of our company this year. Below are some of the fruits of our labor… Our second year of hosting our conference, ConveyUX was a huge success, with… Read more