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I’ve seen an increasing amount of conversational language on the web lately. It’s a powerful tool – when users feel talked to instead of talked at it’s easier for them to build a connection with a brand. However, there is a delicate balance and, of course, it depends on the needs of the audience and… Read more

One of my professional preoccupations is observing how people use devices and built-in technology in their cars. Yes, I sometimes get paid for it, but just as in other domains in which I do user research, it’s become a slight obsession. Add to that the fact that I’ve always liked talking to cab drivers. I… Read more

Working in User Experience consulting has been likened to being a Unicorn: You are a unique and rare creature who is empathetic, creative, constructive, fast, and effective. At Blink UX we are very selective regarding who we hire and are always on the lookout for top UX talent. Recently we received an email inquiry from… Read more

Last week I went to a Seattle Information Architecture and User Experience Meetup. Isaac Pattis, a taxonomist from REI, gave the presentation and he spoke about search, metadata and his experience working across teams. He gave a really interesting talk, I learned some new things about data and the importance of how things are named,… Read more

Fierce, Inc. is a global leadership development and training company that improves communication between people. Fierce principles and methods translate across the globe, and help develop skills that are practical, easy-to-learn, and can be applied immediately. Success is equally as immediate, and clients benefit tremendously due to improved interpersonal relationships for employees and the people… Read more

Right now there are an active 2.8 billion Internet users worldwide. This number comes from Quartz, the digital news organization behind the daylong forum “The Next Billion” held at the Seattle Art Museum on June 2nd. Participants included thought leaders from Medium, Mozilla, Facebook, DARPA, UNICEF, and IDEO, among others. The forum brought together Internet,… Read more