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Why UX teams need diversity

Lulu Xiao

The best UX professionals and teams have a diversity of skills in their arsenals that they use to research, design, and communicate effective design decisions.

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Nine Tips for Bringing Mobile UX to the Enterprise

Roxane Neal

If you—a business analyst, solutions architect, IT project manager—have limited UX resources or experience but need to design a mobile experience for your internal applications, we’re here to help with nine handy tips.

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What You You Need to Know About Business-to-Employee User Experience

Kelly Franznick

We answer the question, "What is B2E UX?" and discuss three reasons why adopting easy-to-use technology for your employees will enrich your company.

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Q&A with ConveyUX Program Director Joe Welinske

Sara Keats

Ahead of our annual ConveyUX conference for user experience professionals, we chatted with Joe Welinske.

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Collaborating and delivering design on enterprise projects

Tristan Plank

Here are some things we've learned during enterprise projects about navigating complexity, collaborating with stakeholders, and handing design off to development teams.

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Sweat the Details: Animation and Microinteractions in Mobile Apps

Tristan Plank

Crafting a useful, usable, and beautiful app takes a lot of work and a willingness to throw your designs out the window again and again until you get things right. Even if you get that far, there are usually at least five other apps out there that already do what yours does. Why is yours better? What sets it apart?

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Better Together: User Research and Analytics

Diego Fontes

Incorporating analytics into UX processes and research methods can add value in many ways. Project teams should use a combination of different data types to consistently measure data (in the wild) about usability and user behavior.

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Top Five UX Opportunities in Digital Health

Geoff Harrison

Here are five key UX opportunity areas healthcare systems are looking at for improving the patient/provider experience.

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Preparing for Takeoff: 5 Steps to Better Airline Apps

Valentina Ferrari

Some airline apps can truly help make travel a breeze, and others are a bit more turbulent. So what differentiates a great app from a mediocre one? Here are my five tips for success.

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Personal Health Metrics and Good UX: Partners in Healthcare

John Dirks

When coupled with a good user experience, personal health apps and data can inspire positive behavioral or lifestyle changes.

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How automation is improving the healthcare customer experience

Scott Lambridis

McKayl Barrows

Our tips for using automation to create efficient, personalized experiences that meet patient needs.

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Blink UX Acquires Redshift Digital: SF UX Design Studio

Blink, a user experience (UX) research and design firm, continues its national expansion with the purchase of Redshift Digital, a well-known San Francisco UX design studio.

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