User Research

Conducting User Research and COVID-19

Kelly Franznick

In collaboration with colleagues within and outside of Blink, plus a fair amount of experimenting at home, Chief Innovation Officer Kelly Franznick put together a set of protocols for a safe return to our user research labs.

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Better Together: User Research and Analytics

Diego Fontes

Incorporating analytics into UX processes and research methods can add value in many ways. Project teams should use a combination of different data types to consistently measure data (in the wild) about usability and user behavior.

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Considerations for Conducting User Research Outside the US

Blink UX had the opportunity to conduct in-home user interviews in São Paulo on behalf of a Brazilian real estate company Zap Imóveis.

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Q & A: Virtual reality user research

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

When I attended the 2015 SeaVR conference in Bellevue, Washington, I had a lot of great conversations with the virtual reality (VR) community about the importance of using hardware and software design to optimize the virtual reality user experience. During our interactions, I noticed that many in the community shared some of the same UX questions. I answer those questions in this post.

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User Research Tools for The Optimal Santa

Jonathan Evans

To achieve joy in the hearts of children, Santa must have an amazing process and an excellent grasp of the user experience of gift giving. While others have suggested an alternative solution for Santa’s approach, we here at Blink take a more analytical approach.

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Blink UX Establishes User Research Lab In San Francisco

Blink UX, a research and design firm specializing in the user experience of digital products, announced the availability of its new user research lab in San Francisco, CA.

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What to know before starting (and finishing) hardware user research

Michael Harding

Blink is unique for applying our user research processes and approaches to both hardware and digital experiences. Some of the most complex and engaging digital experiences go hand in hand with specific hardware, and some of the most exciting hardware is useless without a visionary digital experience.

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Dear (Digital) Diary: A Powerful Tool in User Research

Jake Fleisher

These days, diary studies can be much richer and more flexible by taking advantage of digital, connected technologies. At Blink we’re developing a suite of internal digital tools that help researchers and designers be more effective; one of these tools is our Digital Diary.

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When and Why To Start a Hardware User Research Program (White Paper)

Blink Staff

Read "When and Why To Start a Hardware User Research Program" to learn how hardware user research can help you create an inclusive, commercially successful product that people use, love, and remember.

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How to Build Rapport Before & After Conducting In-Home User Research

John Dirks

I was asked recently what steps we take to make participants feel more comfortable with in-home interviews or observations. This article contains some practical tips about ways to build trust and rapport prior to and while interacting with participants in their homes. Why bother? Because raising comfort levels leads to better research observations, which is why we go out to people’s houses, condos, or apartments in the first place!

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Photo Tour of Our UX Design Studio and User Research Labs in San Diego

Brent Summers

We recently finished construction of two usability labs in San Diego. Take a photo tour of our studio which is located in the heart of East Village just a few blocks from PETCO Park.

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When Remote Research is the Best Choice (and How to Do it Right)

Mira Rao

What do we mean by remote research? When is remote research the right choice? What are some tips for dealing with the challenges that come along with this approach?

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