Blink's Quarterly DEI Newsletter

Maria Szmagalski

Read the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter for a curated selection of educational DEI content.

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Q & A: Virtual reality user research

Brian Essex, Ph.D.

When I attended the 2015 SeaVR conference in Bellevue, Washington, I had a lot of great conversations with the virtual reality (VR) community about the importance of using hardware and software design to optimize the virtual reality user experience. During our interactions, I noticed that many in the community shared some of the same UX questions. I answer those questions in this post.

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Workplace Culture: Gender Equity at Blink

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

Blink is a bit of a rarity in the tech industry by virtue of its long history of commitment to gender equity.

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Blink

Kristina Knaus

These are our first steps toward cultivating a more equitable workplace for our employees, clients, and community.

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Blink UX Acquires Assets Of The Gilmore Research Group

Blink Interactive announced it has acquired certain assets of the Qualitative Research Services Division of The Gilmore Research Group.

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Quick Testing of Accessibility for iOS Apps

Joe Welinske

There's an easy way to test how users will experience your designs on iPhone and iPad with accessibility features enabled.

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Blink Acquires Seattle Experience Design Studio Tectonic

Blink Acquires Seattle Experience Design Studio Tectonic

Blink continues its expansion with the purchase of a well-known Seattle design company, Tectonic.

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Q&A with ConveyUX Program Director Joe Welinske

Sara Keats

Ahead of our annual ConveyUX conference for user experience professionals, we chatted with Joe Welinske.

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Blink UX Acquires Redshift Digital: SF UX Design Studio

Blink, a user experience (UX) research and design firm, continues its national expansion with the purchase of Redshift Digital, a well-known San Francisco UX design studio.

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Seven questions to ask when selecting a UX consulting firm

Roxane Neal

If your project needs the skills and expertise of a user experience (UX) consulting firm, you may not know where to start.

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How to Use a Modified Card Sorting Technique to Uncover User Insights

Nika Smith

When Blink conducts usability evaluations, we seek to do more than simply identify the pain points of a web site or application. Our goal is to uncover users’ honest impressions and the impact of these impressions on the overall user experience.

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Numbers, Naturally

Quba Michalski

How to use our text-to-speech reader to create natural-sounding numbers for automated voice messaging systems.

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