Blink Whitepaper: Improving The User Experience of Healthcare Provider Websites

Written by Tom Satwicz, Ph.D.

photo of Tom Satwicz, Ph.D.

Blink has worked with a variety of healthcare providers over the last several years to understand the users of their websites. The results of this work have been research-based recommendations and design solutions that address many common challenges. Today, we are publishing a whitepaper that summarizes the challenges providers face online, and how a research-based approach to user experience can help meet the needs of their patients and employees.

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In-Home User Research: Building Rapport Before & After Stepping Through the Door

Written by John Dirks

photo of John Dirks

I was asked recently what steps we take to make participants feel more comfortable with in-home interviews or observations. This article contains some practical tips about ways to build trust and rapport prior to and while interacting with participants in their homes. Why bother? Because raising comfort levels leads to better research observations, which is why we go out to people’s houses, condos, or apartments in the first place!