November 5, 2012 |

The Challenge of Meeting Patient and Provider Needs Online

Blink has worked with a variety of healthcare providers over the last several years to understand the users of their websites. The results of this work have been research-based recommendations and design solutions that address many common challenges. Today, we are publishing a whitepaper that summarizes the challenges providers face online, and how a research-based approach to user experience can help meet the needs of their patients and employees.

One of the biggest challenges healthcare providers’ face is accommodating a variety of users. From patients and concerned family members, to physicians and hospital staff, each of these user groups has a different set of expectations for using the site. If not addressed correctly, these challenges make creating user-friendly sites with appropriate navigation, labeling, and content more difficult for the provider, resulting in frustrated patients and underutilized resources. Ultimately, a poor user experience could cause lost opportunities and a failure to meet patient needs.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • Why healthcare provider websites are becoming an important part of patient care.
  • What constitutes an evidence-driven approach to creating user-friendly healthcare provider websites.
  • Common usability challenges across different healthcare provider websites.

You can download the full Whitepaper here

About the Author

Tom Satwicz, PhD, is a learning scientist and user researcher at Blink focused on interaction and technology use in a variety of fields.  As the son of a nurse, his interest in healthcare emerged from a long series of conversations about the challenges providers face in implementing new technologies and improving patient care.


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