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Tristan Plank Interaction Designer

I am a proud member of the interaction design crew at Blink. In my off time I can be found sipping a cortado at Caffe Fiore in Queen Anne or taste-testing local IPAs in Fremont & Ballard.


Wrangling Complexity: Collaborating and Delivering Design on Enterprise Projects

Here are some tips on navigating complexity, collaborating with stakeholders, and handing design off to development teams when working on those big enterprise UCD projects. Read more

map of onboarding process

Up & Running: 3 Tips For An Awesome Onboarding UX

Onboarding is a human resources term that we in the UX field have borrowed as a label for the process of getting someone “up and running” with your site, app, or service. The onboarding process is a critical step in setting your users up for success with your product, but there are a number of… Read more


Sweat the Details: Animation and Microinteractions in Mobile Apps

Crafting a useful, usable, and beautiful app takes a lot of work and a willingness to throw your designs out the window again and again until you get things right. Even if you get that far, there are usually at least five other apps out there that already do what yours does. Why is yours better?… Read more

The UX of Car2Go

A few of us here at Blink are big fans of Car2Go, the point-to-point carsharing service that operates the iconic blue and white SmartCars in several cities worldwide, including here in Seattle (you can typically find three or four outside our office on any given morning). I have found Car2Go to be useful for a… Read more

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UX & SEO: A Love Story

If you want to design the best experience for your users, you need to know their stories. Here at Blink we recently wrapped up a project that demonstrated how the “qualitative story” of user research and the “quantitative story” of SEO and analytics can be paired to produce powerful insights that provide the evidence you… Read more