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Roxane Neal UX Researcher

I love conducting user research and thrive on learning from others. I can talk about qualitative data analysis, reaching insights, and facilitating sessions zealously with any unsuspecting user experience specialist.


Bringing Mobile UX to the Enterprise

Internal tech teams in the enterprise are building mobile experiences for LOB apps. See our tips for incorporating UX research & UCD into the app design process. Read more

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a UX Consulting Firm

What do you need to know when trying to decide on a UX consultancy? Here are some questions to ask the people you are vetting. Read more

College and Career Tips for Future UX Pros

If you are a college student considering a design degree—or any degree, for that matter—you’re probably stressed, scared, and unsure about your career path. We at Blink like to mentor those new to the UX field and often chat with students in user-centered design programs. In fact, I recently met with an undergraduate student in… Read more

Fast Field Research in Just 5 Days

It was a Tuesday at 11:00 am and we just got off a kickoff call with a new client. We stared at each other and knew what had to happen: I needed to be on a plane the next day to cross the country to conduct customer interviews on Thursday. This recent scenario happened when… Read more

Innovating in the Field: Agribusiness and UX

Farmers and those involved in agribusiness have historically been early adopters of technology to help increase yield, reduce time, and save costs. Going all the way back to 1793 and Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin we see farmers using design thinking for new solutions to wide and common problems. The industry’s culture of… Read more

Nuggets of Wisdom From UXPA 2015

I happily attended the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) conference a few weeks ago in San Diego. I always get so much out of industry conferences. I learned. I networked. I was inspired. Yes, it was worth the time and money! Let me share these four helpful lessons learned. 1. Don’t Forget These Participants As… Read more

UX in Complex Domains

8 Tips For UX Projects In Complex Domains

Recently I heard Sarah Barrett of Factor describe how she overcame hurdles in creating an information architecture. These hurdles were brought on by the complexity of the domain she was designing for. At her recent meet-up, “How Hard Can It Be? Information Architecture in a Complex Business Context,” she offered lessons learned designing the information model for… Read more