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“I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this site before,” was my first thought when I came across Though there are hundreds of millions of websites, I’m always surprised to find something unique like Quirky. Quirky exists in an interesting space. It’s a product crowdsourcing company like Kickstarter, but Quirky differs in one important way: it yields… Read more

In my last post, I wrote about narrowing my focus as I sought to achieve my goal of increasing project transparency at Blink. I wanted each person to know where we “ended up” on a project, a goal widely shared among both large and small consulting firms. In aiming to make a digestible but comprehensive… Read more

I joined Blink about six months ago, and one of my early goals was to increase the financial transparency between the back office and the front. My background is in numbers: I studied accounting in college and earned my CPA designation shortly thereafter. Financial qualification and measurement is a focus and a passion in my… Read more

Once a year, the University of Washington’s Information School holds an “unconference” called iAffiliates Day. The iAffiliates program is a strategic initiative designed to connect community partners with iSchool faculty, researchers, students, and alumni in a variety of ways – including a morning of information exchange and learning. Participants ranged from a HR rep with Alaska Airlines,… Read more

Not too long ago I worked with a client in the cultural exchange industry, more specifically, a company that offers an au pair matching service. Their business model created a situation where clicking a primary call-to-action prompted three things to happen: 1.    An au pair candidate is notified that a host family is interested… Read more