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It Matters to Me Wednesday, March 7th,  5-7pm Join us in the Seattle Waterfront area for artist presentations and a gallery opening. The show, It Matters to Me is by the Advanced Black & White Photography Elective students from the Seattle based Youth in Focus program. The show is based on the theme of this… Read more

2011 brought a number of changes for the Blink user research team. Not only did we bring on some great new talent, but we also moved into a gorgeous custom-designed space overlooking Puget Sound with fully updated usability labs and client meeting rooms. It has been a pleasure for all of us to settle into… Read more

Here are some of the things we are reading in the office this week… Clay Christensen’s Milkshake Marketing has a useful take on understanding what your product is “hired” to do. More on jobs-to-be-done from The Critical Path. Recommended reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by noted behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman. The Solve for X site… Read more

A cure for banner blindness? Maximizing ad potential without impairing usability Most users do not look at banner ads and even fewer click on them. This statement should not surprise UX professionals or even online advertisers. Time and again, usability studies have demonstrated that “banner blindness,” a phenomenon first described in the late 1990s, is… Read more