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3 min

NASA × Blink UX Work Recognized with Webby Awards

NASA honored with 2024 Webby Awards for the reimagined NASA.gov website and the new streaming service, NASA+.

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5 min

Don’t Predict; Create: The Power of Future Envisioning

How to bridge the future with the here and now and generate the product vision necessary for being a leader in your sphere.

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3 min

What I Wish I Knew: Career Advice from 10 Leaders in UX

Lessons from industry leaders on what makes a successful UX career.

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6 min

4 Practical Ways to Improve Lives With AI (Beyond the Chatbot)

Realizing the potential of AI-powered tools starts with uncovering how you can — and should — use them.

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2 min

5 Reasons To Build a Design System — And The Benefits For Your Team

Design systems are powerful for teams who want to save time and money in their design process. Here's why we love them, and how NASA used a Blink design system to unify its web experience.

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10 min

The Art of Great Design Workshops: 5 Activities We Swear By

Say goodbye to awkward and clunky design workshops. Here are our tips to ensure your team leaves every workshop focused, inspired, and aligned.

Delight Your Customers With Age Inclusive Design

13 minutes

Delight Your Customers With Age Inclusive Design

Data shows that global populations are tipping the demographic scale toward adults over 65. With age-inclusive design, product adoption and reach could spread like wildfire.

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15 minutes

How to Harness the "Designer's Curse" for Your Next Design Review

As a UX designer, you most likely have a method for gathering design inspiration. Here's a step-by-step process for conducting a design review that leverages your inspiration-seeking habits and helps you consider strategy early in the design process.

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13 minutes

How We're Finding UX Design Inspiration in the Film Industry

As part of our employee "Lunch and Learn" series, we spoke with Hocus Pocus production designer Bill Sandell. Here are some highlights from our conversation and a few ideas for how you can find UX design inspiration in the film industry.

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13 minutes

The Benefits of Being a Design Driven Organization + How To Become One

Organizations that embrace evidence-driven design increase profits, retain customers, and align on business goals quicker than their engineering-led counterparts. This article will discuss what it means to be a design-led organization and how you can apply design in any industry.

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13 minutes

How Nudges in Design Can Effect Behavior Change

As UX strategists, we use nudges and other lessons from behavioral economics to help people make better decisions — typically without their noticing.