UX Research

Mixed Methods Research Hero 2

6 mins

Mixed Methods Research: The Key to Confident Product Decisions

Why leveraging qualitative and quantitative data gives you more robust insights for better business decisions.

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3 min

NASA × Blink UX Work Recognized with Webby Awards

NASA honored with 2024 Webby Awards for the reimagined NASA.gov website and the new streaming service, NASA+.

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4 min

Tips for UX Researchers: 10 Habits to Make Your Job Fun and Efficient

I asked our researchers what they’re doing lately to make their jobs easy, fun, and efficient — here’s what I heard.

Blink UX User Research Lab Seattle VR 1

4 min

Is User Research Worth the Cost?

Why investing in customer research makes sense.

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10 min

Customer Success Outcomes: Breaking Down Data Silos

With multiple data sources, it can be hard to know which insights to trust and how to take action on what customers are saying. Connect your research findings with Customer Success Outcomes and act on the insights.

Desk Research Ani Final

13 minutes

Three Reasons to Add Desk Research to Your Next Project

Secondary research, like desk research, is a powerful tool for practitioners to add to their research toolkits. Here’s why you should consider adding it to your next project.

DFC 4667

12 minutes

The Hidden Benefit of Rage Clicks: How To Boost Your Site Performance

Learn how rage clicks can help you detect user frustration and make data-driven decisions to improve your site.

Kiki takes a guests temperature at Blink

14 minutes

Conducting User Research and COVID-19

In collaboration with colleagues within and outside of Blink, plus a fair amount of experimenting at home, Chief Innovation Officer Kelly Franznick put together a set of protocols for a safe return to our user research labs.

Remote User Research Lab Blink

17 minutes

When Remote Research is the Best Choice (and How to Do it Right)

What do we mean by remote research? When is remote research the right choice? What are some tips for dealing with the challenges that come along with this approach?

User Research And Data Analytics

12 minutes

Better Together: User Research and Analytics

Incorporating analytics into UX processes and research methods can add value in many ways. Project teams should use a combination of different data types to consistently measure data (in the wild) about usability and user behavior.

Go Full Scale

15 minutes

The Benefits of Recreating Physical Products and Spaces in the Lab

We often perform tests on digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. However, there are times when we need to observe user behavior that extends beyond a screen – and this always excites us!