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6 min

4 Practical Ways to Improve Lives With AI (Beyond the Chatbot)

Realizing the potential of AI-powered tools starts with uncovering how you can — and should — use them.

Digital Debt Test

4 min

Solving Digital Debt: How Blink Enhances EX in an AI-Driven Era

Digital debt impacts innovation, drains employee energy, and challenges organizational productivity. Could AI be the solution?

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13 minutes

Five Tips for Designing Better Conversational Interfaces

From chatbots to intelligent assistants, conversation interfaces are changing the way that people interact with their computers, and designers have a unique opportunity to shape this medium at the ground level. Like all emerging tech, best practices are still being developed, but here at Blink we’ve had the opportunity to design a few of our own and learned a lot along the way.

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15 minutes

The UX of Digital 3-D Interaction

With the emergence of virtual and augmented reality, we will have many more 3-D digital experiences available to us. Many of these upcoming 3-D experiences will be interactive, requiring the user to navigate a 3-D space. While it may take some time for these experiences to catch on and become pervasive, They will.

Humans and The Risks of Automation 1

13 minutes

Humans and The Risks of Automation

“How can we design systems to use the sophistication of human thinking and decision making, AND the complex computation power of machines to strike a healthy balance of automation?”