Blink's design workshops bring cross-functional teams together to collaborate, share knowledge, and solve a problem. Workshops create an opportunity for teams to consider a diverse set of perspectives, set priorities and align on an action plan.

Workshop activities are driven by the desired outcomes and goals. Blink regularly conducts workshops for a variety of purposes: to synthesize research findings and align on the most critical insights, collaboratively prioritize pain points, identify risks and unknowns, create concepts or rapid prototypes, and establish the foundations of a design language.

Diversity of thought is one of the biggest benefits of design workshops. Blink workshop teams tend to include participation from designers, researchers, strategists, and engineers. We encourage our clients to include a broader team as well.

Workshop outcomes are captured in meeting notes, photos, and presentation decks but we find the bulk of the value is in the process itself. Teams leave workshops aligned on goals, excited about the future, and informed on how they will get there.

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Design workshop leave teams inspired, aligned, and ready for action.

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