Blink Employees in the San Diego Studio.

5 min

A Quick Guide to Making Your Research Participants More Comfortable

It can be tricky to make participants feel comfortable in challenging study environments. Use these tips to help them give their best feedback.

Inclusive Article Roundup Hero Image

2 min

Article Round-Up: Accessible and Inclusive Design

A list of Blink articles filled with tips and resources to help you build more inclusive experiences for your audiences.

Partner to Decide Blink UX Custom Illustrations Healthcare Hero 1

3 min

Visual Design for Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach

Behind the scenes of our illustrations for nonprofit, Partner to Decide

Mixed Methods Research Hero 2

6 min

Mixed Methods Research: The Key to Confident Product Decisions

Why leveraging qualitative and quantitative data gives you more robust insights for better business decisions.

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3 min

NASA × Blink UX Work Recognized with Webby Awards

NASA honored with 2024 Webby Awards for the reimagined website and the new streaming service, NASA+.

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4 min

Tips for UX Researchers: 10 Habits to Make Your Job Fun and Efficient

I asked our researchers what they’re doing lately to make their jobs easy, fun, and efficient — here’s what I heard.

Blink UX Pro Bono Partner to Decide Hero Image 1434x870 2

6 min

Pro Bono Partnership: An interview with Partner to Decide founder, Dr. Ann Peralta

Learn more about Blink’s pro bono client, Partner to Decide, directly from the founder.

Blink DEI Progress Report 2023 Hero Image 1728x870 2

8 min

Blink’s 2023 DEI Progress Report

A look at our continued journey toward a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable company.

Blink UX Future Envisioning Hero 3

5 min

Don’t Predict; Create: The Power of Future Envisioning

How to bridge the future with the here and now and generate the product vision necessary for being a leader in your sphere.


5 min

Speaker Series: An Interview with VP of UX Robb Nielsen

We sat down with Oracle Cloud’s Vice President of User Experience to learn more about leading in UX.

Blink UX User Research Lab Seattle VR 1

4 min

Is User Research Worth the Cost?

Why investing in customer research makes sense for your brand and business.

Internship Work Collage

4 min

Blink Pro Bono Program: Designing For Social Change

Learn more about our pro bono program.

Blog Header Design 2 Ladders

3 min

What I Wish I Knew: Career Advice from 10 Leaders in UX

Lessons from industry leaders on what makes a successful UX career.

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3 min

10 Books Every UX Leader Should Add to Their 2024 Reading List

We asked industry leaders what books they recommend to new and experienced UX professionals — here are our top picks for the year!

Acts of Gratitude Article With UI

5 min

10 Days of Gratitude Challenge: How to Encourage Gratitude at Work

10 Days of Gratitude is a Blink annual tradition that allows employees to share with their communities and pay it forward.

Blog Header 4 Practical Ways to Improve Lives with AI Blink UX 1728 W 2

6 min

4 Practical Ways to Improve Lives With AI (Beyond the Chatbot)

Realizing the potential of AI-powered tools starts with uncovering how you can — and should — use them.

Blog Header Sample Size 1728 W

6 min

How Many Research Participants Do I Need For Sound Study Results?

Hint: It might be fewer than you think. Here’s how to select the right sample size based on your research goals.

Design System Blog Header 2

2 min

5 Reasons To Build a Design System — And The Benefits For Your Team

Design systems are powerful for teams who want to save time and money in their design process. Here's why we love them, and how NASA used a Blink design system to unify its web experience.

UX Workshop collage

10 min

The Art of Great Design Workshops: 5 Activities We Swear By

Say goodbye to awkward and clunky design workshops. Here are our tips to ensure your team leaves every UX workshop focused, inspired, and aligned.

Digital Debt Test

4 min

Solving Digital Debt: How Blink Enhances EX in an AI-Driven Era

Digital debt impacts innovation, drains employee energy, and challenges organizational productivity. Could AI be the solution?

Mobile Banking App Header 05

6 min

7 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Banking App

Your guide to creating a modernized mobile banking or investment app experience — based on our latest banking research.


14 min

Designing Gender-Inclusive Customer Experiences: Tips and Resources

Want to design more inclusive products? Learn how, plus, get started with free resources as a guide.

CSO Blog Header 02 1700x800

10 min

Customer Success Outcomes: Breaking Down Data Silos

With multiple data sources, it can be hard to know which insights to trust and how to take action on what customers are saying. Connect your research findings with Customer Success Outcomes and act on the insights.

Blink Geekwire Award on Stage

1 min

CalmWave wins GeekWire Award for UX Design of the Year, presented by Blink

Learn more about CalmWave.