Accessibility Services

Accessibility is core to our work. We bring accessibility into all of our user experience (UX) work. We go beyond compliance and consider it our responsibility to create inclusive experiences.

Twenty percent of the world’s population have physical challenges across a broad spectrum of abilities. This includes sight, hearing, mobility, and cognition. The best designs work for the widest audience and unlock the most significant benefits to our organization. And investment in accessibility contributes directly to greater SEO.

We’re a partner organization you can rely on to bring accessibility into every project, from strategy and research to design and development. Accessibility is the most innovative and least expensive when addressed early and often in product development. Blink has a full-time Head of Inclusive Design to guide the effort. We train our practitioners to understand how to apply accessibility within their specialty area. They consider accessibility in everything they do.


We’ll customize our accessibility services to meet your needs for new and existing digital products and experiences. After learning about your project goals, we select the tools and processes that best match your organization's needs.

  • Verify compliance status of existing information: A high-level review of an existing digital product or service.
  • Understand the needs of disabled customers: Foundational or evaluative research with participants with disabilities.
  • Embed new ideas to achieve best in class: The application of research findings and stakeholder interviews to develop new interactions and experiences.
  • Move designs to development in a sprint: A follow-up service to design innovation.
  • Ensure usability and standards compliance: A follow-up service to the design to development sprint.
  • Turnkey transformation to an accessible site or app: An inclusive design update with impactful improvements to key screens.

Need help assessing how well your product or site supports users with disabilities?

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