Linda Wagener, Ph.D., Chief Culture Officer & Partner at Blink.

Linda Wagener, Ph.D.

Chief Culture Officer

Linda Wagener, Blink’s Chief Culture Officer, has over 35 years of experience in organizational leadership, consultation, training, and research. She is an expert in the areas of organizational culture, leadership, and team dynamics. Linda is committed to building resilient work cultures that enhance employee engagement and productivity.

A Minnesota native, Linda received her doctorate in psychology at Clark University. Linda’s work on resilience has been published in various scholarly journals. She was an academic psychologist for 25 years before co-founding Marigold Associates, an organizational consultancy.

One of Linda’s commitments is to provide training and counseling on resilience and trauma to international aid workers who are living and working in fragile and hostile contexts. Linda enjoys travel, movies, books, skiing, and hiking. Linda is executive producer of the documentary, “Once There Was a War,” which examines the capacity of young people to flourish in Bosnia, Central Asia, and Iraq.

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