Beautiful, effective user interfaces inspire confidence in products and create positive brand perception. Blink creates visual designs that build on and enhance well thought-out interaction design. We believe a successful visual design serves the content first and helps the user develop trust in the product.

Visual Design Research

Evaluative research informs our decisions and makes our designs better. We often present more than one direction and use innovative research techniques to uncover user preferences and more importantly why people prefer one design direction over another. Data about how users perceive visual style empowers us to tailor the design to fit your brand and business needs.

Designer & Engineer Collaboration

We find prototypes are often the best and most efficient way for the design team to iterate on a product design in an evidence-driven design approach like we employ at Blink. Prototypes are also extremely useful when collaborating with development teams. Our designers work closely with engineers to make decisions and orchestrate deliverables that ensure the products we build look and act as intended.

Are you looking for an inspiring visual experience for your product or website?

Blink marries visual design expertise to other design disciplines with ease to create experiences the delight and inspire. Contact our team of experts to learn more.

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