Back-end Engineering

Product engineering with Mphasis

In 2021, Blink was acquired by Mphasis. Mphasis brings complex engineering expertise to Blink.

"Designing products that meet needs, and are friction free, is how we delight customers and enrich their lives with technology. We are so thrilled to now have Mphasis’s engineering skills as part of our core,
providing end-to-end services for our clients and following our designs through to launch,” said Karen Clark Cole, CEO, Blink.

In the constantly evolving technology industry, product engineering executives are identifying scale-out areas in automation, innovation, and allied technology development. While the core engineering activities remain in-house, many of these technology companies rely on partners to build, extend, transform or sustain their products.

At Mphasis, product engineering, transformation, and sustenance are practiced as specialized disciplines. Leveraging our expertise, we address the complexities of building and extending products that require varied user experiences and must be architected for spikes in types of usage, performance, and availability. We provide our clients flexible, reliable, and high-quality product development and transformation services that
address their business needs — innovation, scale, skills, multi-location, cost arbitrage, and more.

Trusted and Reliable Partnerships for Innovation and Growth

A Reliable Partner

Mphasis has been on the forefront of developing enterprise-class hardware and software products for over 25 years and has delivered 1000s of successful product releases. Our Product Engineering Services encompass product management, architecture, design, development, DevOps, testing, security, and many other services that lead to successful product deployment and releases. We collaborate with product companies to understand the market needs, develop and release their products, and build a platform ecosystem. Hi-Tech Enterprises use Mphasis’ Product
Engineering Services to derive value from our domain expertise, scale, and agility.

Trusted by Enterprises

Mphasis is a ‘Specialist at Scale’ partner for innovation and co-development of existing or new product lines. We engage throughout the product lifecycle - from design and development to roll out and implementation. Combining our delivery best practices with expertise in cloud and cognitive technologies helps us build highly relevant accelerators for our product engineering engagements. These engagements are typically delivered in an agile development model or a hybrid variant, which is flexible and aligned to the specific business needs.

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Mphasis, (BSE: 526299; NSE: MPHASIS), an Information Technology (IT) solutions provider specializing in cloud and cognitive services, announced today, its acquisition of Blink UX, a User Experience research, strategy, and design firm that works with the world’s leading companies to create transformative digital products, brands, and experiences.