Why You Should Usability Test Your Mobile Application

Written by Nika Smith

photo of Nika Smith

Just like web sites and desktop applications, mobile applications benefit greatly from being evaluated via usability testing with target users. Mobile usability testing allows you to learn about your users’ expectations and prior experience with mobile interfaces and illustrates how they will use your application in real-time. Further, mobile testing enables development and product teams to identify and prioritize pain points that must be addressed prior to launch or future releases.

Lessons from Usability Testing-Designing for the Real World

Written by Jen Amsterlaw, PH.D

photo of Jen Amsterlaw, PH.D

When designing a new system (or redesigning an existing one), it’s important to keep the user’s real-world context in mind. A lot of thought and effort will hopefully go into making sure the product delivers the right set of features, has the right look and feel, and abides by standard UI conventions. But designs that seem solid conceptually can still fail if they do not take into account how real users will interact with them in the real world.