What's Next for YOU in UX?

It could be designing human-machine interfaces for automobiles. Or possibly crafting wearables for GenZ consumers. You might need to work with very small software user interfaces. Or face down the challenges associated with physical interactions on the appliances of the future. All of that is going to be wrapped around an understanding of empathy, creativity, accessibility, innovation, sensory perception, and the ability to share your vision with others. At least that’s some of the knowledge your peers shared in Seattle, January 22nd through the 24th.

Close to 250 people from around the world gathered together for the third-annual ConveyUX conference. Visitors arrived from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Korea, Mexico, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the USA. More than 30 presenters shared their knowledge and ideas in over 40 sessions throughout the three days. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to network and socialize with their colleagues throughout the event.

“Hats off for organizing such a great event. From an outsiders’ perspective, it offered a good mix of high-profile and niche presenters, touched upon a variety of timely and broadly-applicable topics, and was scaled such that the entire event felt cozy and personable.” — Tim King, Equifax

“The conference was fantastic! It was so well organized, and you truly made it a pleasure to attend. Thank you!” — Elizabeth Allen, Centralis

One of several ConveyUX live sketches by Suri. See more @suribbles.

One of several ConveyUX live sketches by Suri. See more on Twitter at @suribbles.

“Most conferences are more about community and conversations—which are usually the source of whatever take away/inspirations people get at a conference—rather than about sessions providing an educational experience. However, this conference provided more of a learning experience than most conferences do.” — Suri Manekar, Microsoft Global Delivery

ConveyUX is built around two elements: a passion for user experience and immersion in the environment of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle. Produced by Seattle user experience research and design firm Blink UX, ConveyUX is coming back to Seattle again in early 2016. You can see all the photos and session descriptions from 2015. Videos will be able in the fall of 2015 on the site. Registration for 2016 will open in August.