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Feb 2, 2023 | Updated Jun 11, 2024

9 Tips for Attending a Professional Conference From Home

Make the most of your virtual ConveyUX experience with these at-home conference tips from Blink UX.
Laura Barboza, team member at Blink.


Laura Barboza


We're so excited to host our 11th annual Convey UX conference on May 2-4, 2023. Make the most of your virtual conference experience by charging your laptop, getting out of those pajamas, and checking out these remote conference tips from Blink.

Animated image of a laptop next to a plant.

1. Switch up your space

Changing your office scenery is a great way to boost your productivity at work. Turn your desk around, move to a different part of your house, or spring for a place to stay during the event. I once booked an Airbnb for a conference, and it was a great way to engage myself in the material and cue my brain that I was there to learn.

2. Give your eyes a break

During the conference, look away from your computer screen every once in a while, but not at other technology! Instead, give yourself something to rest your eyes on. Look out the window or at a cool piece of art. Find something that inspires you creatively.

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3. Ditch those pajamas

You’ve probably seen this advice on countless work-from-home infographics, and we think it’s a great tip! Whether it's putting on a blazer or your favorite shirt, get dressed to set the tone for the day. And if you want to keep it cozy on the bottom, no one will know.

4. Stock up on snacks

ConveyUX is famous for giving attendees plenty of breaks. So while someone did suggest shipping all attendees a taco bar, we thought you’d rather be in control. All the same, treat yourself! You’ve got a full day of learning, so grab your favorite drinks and treats to prepare for the day.

5. Plan to be fully focused

It’s tempting to focus half of your mind on conference content and the other half on your day-to-day life. So be intentional: block off time on your calendar, turn on your out-of-office email responder, close out Slack, and minimize any other distractions.

6. Take notes

Be mindful of how you plan to take notes. Do you want to choose your favorite note-taking platform or switch it up with a notebook? Consider how your note-taking can help keep you engaged.

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7. Take a break, get up, and stretch

We’ll bake in a handful of breaks to the conference, but be aware of your needs, too! If you feel your mind wandering, bring it back with a deep breath.

If you can, utilize a sit-to-stand setup and switch it up between sitting and standing. Try moving to a new location. Stand up, stretch it out, do a headstand, or shake it off!

8. But really, the food thing is so important

Pour your favorite tea into a travel mug, so it stays warm, or use coffee refreshes to break up the day. Don’t forget to have a full water bottle near you! A meal break (breakfast and a keynote) is great, and so are easy snacks (like dried fruit and almonds). Better yet, treat yourself to delivery or buy premade meals from your favorite grocery store — make this an experience for your brain and your appetite!

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9. Get ready to network

Networking on the internet might feel weird at first, but people typically find it fun and engaging. Be sure to take advantage of the networking segments that feature three-minute one-on-one video chats with other attendees (i.e., speed networking). These video chats tend to fly by, so consider preparing some get-to-know-you questions in advance.

With the right attitude and little preparation, you can make your remote conference attendance memorable and impactful. Learn more about ConveyUX and register to attend.