Enterprise UX

A photo from a workshop about enterprise product design. Several conference-goers collaborate on an activity guides by a Blink's Chief Design Officer, Geoff Harrison

13 minutes

9 Tips for Bringing Mobile UX to the Enterprise

If you—a business analyst, solutions architect, IT project manager—have limited UX resources or experience but need to design a mobile experience for your internal applications, we’re here to help with nine handy tips.

01 agile ux research

17 minutes

Three Tips for Agile UX Research

Here are three tips to embrace the constraints and keep UX research as a fundamental part of Agile.

01 Collaborating and delivering design on enterprise projects rev2

17 minutes

Collaborating and delivering design on enterprise projects

Here are some things we've learned during enterprise projects about navigating complexity, collaborating with stakeholders, and handing design off to development teams.

DFC 0385 mark gsellman Alan Baumgarten speaking at Convey UX

11 minutes

Enterprise UX: A State of the Union

For anyone who regularly designs enterprise software (raising my hand here), you have likely been asked to move a dated, difficult-to-use interface to a modern user experience.

User Research Tools for The Optimal Santa

11 minutes

User Research Tools for The Optimal Santa

To achieve joy in the hearts of children, Santa must have an amazing process and an excellent grasp of the user experience of gift giving. While others have suggested an alternative solution for Santa’s approach, we here at Blink take a more analytical approach.

A simple sketch of a process

14 minutes

Sweat the Details: Animation and Microinteractions in Mobile Apps

Crafting a useful, usable, and beautiful app takes a lot of work and a willingness to throw your designs out the window again and again until you get things right. Even if you get that far, there are usually at least five other apps out there that already do what yours does. Why is yours better? What sets it apart?