Observing and interacting with users through one-on-one interviews is the best way to understand them. Blink takes a disciplined approach to understand expressed and latent user needs, motivations, opinions, and behaviors. Using expert interview techniques, direct observations, and other user research methods, such as contextual inquiry, we seek to understand workflows, pain points, and desired interactions with digital devices, products, applications, and services.

Blink conducts stakeholder interviews at the beginning of every research project to understand the business context of the project, identify each stakeholder's positioning and understanding of the problem being solved, and uncover potential stumbling blocks or organizational obstacles that may impact project success. Our findings during the stakeholder interview phase of a project are invaluable for gaining project team consensus and identifying potential obstacles or challenges early in the project before they have the opportunity to derail progress. When combined with user research, these initial interview phases ensure ever design project is set up to succeed.

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