Surveys are useful for capturing opinion and preference data from large samples of people, making a robust analysis possible. Because our surveys are often designed to be analyzed statistically, we can provide moderately hard, objective research data in situations that call for it. In practice, we often use surveys to complement more in-depth qualitative observations or one-on-one interviews. Think of surveys as a means to address the “what” questions, while qualitative user research addresses the “why” questions.

At Blink, we feel that creating a great survey is like creating a great user experience, and we keep the survey respondent at the center of our process by asking only questions that are necessary to address research objectives and by ensuring that surveys are easy to complete.

Surveys, as with other user research methods, help us understand specific populations so that products can be designed to better meet their needs. We administer most surveys via email, through websites or apps, or through moderated interviews with larger samples. We have designed and run surveys using client-provided lists of current customers, beta users, and employees; we have also surveyed hard-to-reach populations using national recruiting panels.

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