Blink researchers conduct different types of field trials across a wide variety of domains and product types. For example, Blink has performed out-of-the-box (OOBE) tests in natural environments around the globe to understand how to best design the initial setup and use of hardware products. During an OOBE test, researchers observe users interacting with packaging, hardware, “quick start” materials, setup software, registration materials, help content, support or firmware update websites, and other physical components. Insights from these field trials allow companies to refine every step of the unboxing and setup process for their products. Blink has performed other field trials evaluating how people use specialized smartphone apps within their natural environments, such as a running app with an integrated running coach or a health provider's app for guiding women through the journey of pregnancy and delivery. Field trials can provide contextual insights that often go unnoticed or cannot be captured in a lab-based study, allowing teams to further refine the user experience of their products and better tailor their products to target markets.

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