DEI in Design


14 min

Designing Gender-Inclusive Customer Experiences: Tips and Resources

Want to design more inclusive products? Learn how, plus, get started with free resources as a guide.

Delight Your Customers With Age Inclusive Design

12 minutes

Delight Your Customers With Age Inclusive Design

Data shows that global populations are tipping the demographic scale toward adults over 65. With age-inclusive design, product adoption and reach could spread like wildfire.

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12 minutes

Blink Pro Bono Program: Designing For Social Change

Is your organization tackling problems and topics that address society’s most pressing issues? We'd love to hear from you!

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14 minutes

Blink's 2022 DEI Progress Report

A look at how our DEI efforts came to life in the last year.

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16 minutes

How Improving Website Accessibility Will Positively Impact SEO

Accessible content leads to a more inclusive website, and by following web accessibility best practices, you can also improve search engine optimization (SEO).

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14 minutes

Designing for Mobility Impairments

I met with Blake, one of Blink’s assistive device specialists, to discuss the challenges of his mobility impairment and his tips for creating inclusive app and web designs.

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14 minutes

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Blink

These are our first steps toward cultivating a more equitable workplace for our employees, clients, and community.

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11 minutes

Workplace culture: How an evidence-based, data-driven approach produces thriving resu...

A positive company culture requires the same careful curation, management, and rigor as any other aspect of a business. At Blink, we consciously design our culture to ensure that employees have the structure and guidance they need to fully develop their skills and abilities for a happy and rewarding career.

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10 minutes

Prioritizing Accessibility in UX Research and Design

As we gear up for our Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) event on Thursday, May 20, 2021, learn how our UX teams are making accessibility a priority, and how your team can do the same.


9 minutes

What Is the Impact of the Proposed Revisions to the W3C WAI?

Blink is looking forward to integrating version 3 into its existing accessibility practice as soon as it is formalized. All organizations interested in expanding accessibility on the web should welcome this latest addition from the W3C.

Joe Welinske at Convey UX March 2020

13 minutes

Accessibility in the UX Industry and at Blink

Accessibility in the UX industry and at Blink In October studio manager Lynsey Lacher interviewed Joe Welinske, accessibility director and ConveyUX program manager for National Disability Awareness Month.