A flexible design system for powerful sales products

Vlocity Case Study

Vlocity engaged Blink to create a flexible design system to support a range of powerful sales products.

Vlocity products serve a range of clients and user types. Our task was to codify a design system that works across verticals, allowing both consumers and salespeople to select, configure, and manage multiple products in a nonlinear way.

The designs needed to accommodate multiple layers of configuration per product. Also, users needed to be able to access Vlocity’s proprietary scripts (used to update customer data and modify contracts) in a contextually relevant way.

Our team created a card-based design system used across all Vlocity products. By We bundled together related information to create cards that are actionable and easy to scan. Their size and shape make them flexible enough to work across products, industries, and devices.

Desktop view of flexible design system for Vlocity.

The Vlocity design system distills hundreds of decisions and informs new work. Every new engagement presents an opportunity to stress test and improve upon the patterns our team has created.

Mobile view of Vlocity's flexible design system.
Various website pages from Vlocity's flexible design system.

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