Blink helps clients identify and prioritize UX metrics based on the goals of the project. These recommendations are informed by foundational research and help drive design decisions. Blink also helps clients measure benchmarks and progress over time through ongoing evaluative research.

Our team of researchers and analysts come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. They will help you determine the best way to define success and methods for collecting that data.

Our approach to UX metrics balances qualitative data and qualitative data. Blink researchers use several techniques and best practices to ensure that data quality is high. Recent UX metrics projects include:

  • Usability study to assess the accessibility of a product to vision-impaired users
  • Analysis of product telemetry data to determine next iteration
  • Web analytics implementation plan for a B2B SaaS company

Do you need help choosing the right UX metrics?

We bring two decades of experience to selecting the right UX metric for products and services.

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