Though service blueprints come in a variety of formats some more visual than others, a typical service blueprint will document:

  • Customer actions, choices, and steps (often in the form of a customer journey map)
  • Artifacts and places relevant to an organization that are encountered by customers throughout their experience journey
  • The organizational "frontstage" actions and activities that occur and are visible to customers
  • The organizational "backstage" actions and activities that occur in support of frontstage activities, but are not visible to customers
  • Internal processes that must occur in order to support and enable the frontstage and backstage actions

A service blueprint provides a comprehensive understanding of the internal organizational processes that underlie customer touchpoints, allowing companies to identify how they may not be currently optimized to provide the best experience to customers. This is especially valuable when poor customer experiences are not tied to a specific interface or touchpoint, but to systemic issues that can only be solved through organizational change.

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