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Creating an open dialogue with your customers is key to any successful product or service. Blink UX specializes in concept evaluation services, ready to provide insightful consumer information and help you create favorable products.

The advantage of concept evaluation consulting

Every project is unique and can transform a consumer's way of life. Therefore, understanding the target audience's demands is essential.

A concept evaluation service is valuable to safeguard your capital and collect data to inspire thoughtful solutions. It's beneficial to perform interviews and conduct surveys to gauge reactions and identify potential improvements. You should gather insights throughout your design phase, shifting plans when needed to reach your product's full potential.

Imagine new possibilities with Blink

Blink is an evidence-driven organization offering comprehensive and effective concept evaluation services to businesses worldwide. Our analysts and researchers have vast experience from diverse backgrounds and industries, providing you with a wealth of information. We'll learn about your goals and design evaluation strategies to give your business valuable insights.

We help you create products people will use, love, and remember. Blink has an extensive background in creating dynamic products and services with leading brands, including Nike, REI, Amazon, and many more. With five studios in major cities, we have the resources and capabilities to perform testing throughout the United States and beyond.

Concept evaluation service FAQs

Learn more about our concept evaluation consulting with these frequently asked questions.

What is an evaluation method?

A concept evaluation service is a strategy to understand consumers' needs, thoughts, and feelings regarding potential products, mockups, and prototypes. This market research method provides concrete evidence to guide you toward a triumphant market entrance. These market research strategies primarily come in two forms:

Qualitative: Our qualitative concept evaluation strategies include personal interviews as we strive to understand how users react to your products or services. This method gains a direct understanding of aspects that appeal to and displease your audience.
Quantitative: We collect valuable insights and data from a large selection of participants, providing you with numerical values to paint a clear picture of how your creations satisfy their wants and needs. An example of this involves using surveys to ask individuals to rate their experience on a scale of one to ten.

What are concept evaluation services?

Concept evaluation gathers what potential consumers think about your proposed offerings. These solutions can be extremely valuable to assess attitudes and feelings at various project stages, providing you with meaningful information to alter your designs.

Pre-design: Speak openly with consumers to tailor your designs to best fit their needs.
Design and development: Question users about current ideas and prototypes to learn what future changes they want to see.
Final evaluation: Gain crucial information about user experiences to ensure your offerings fulfill their goals.

What is product evaluation?

Businesses can utilize product or prototype evaluations to gauge how successful their goods or services are with potential customers. This systematic process provides insights to ensure products meet industry standards, minimize defects, streamline usability, and match audience needs.

What is concept testing?

A concept testing service is an early-stage market research strategy used to understand the likelihood of a successful product launch. By interacting with targeted consumers, businesses can better understand their designs' effectiveness and any potential changes before the official release.

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