How We Created a Thriving Culture By Measuring Data, Not Beer
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Dec 19, 2020 | Updated Jun 12, 2024

How We Created a Thriving Culture By Measuring Data, Not Beer

In 2017, CEO Karen Clark Cole wrote about our evidence-driven approach to company culture in her column for Forbes. The lessons and reflections ring truer than ever in an unprecedented year.

Forbes featured an article by CEO Karen Clark Cole about the Blink approach to company culture. Originally published in October 2017, the article includes lessons and reflections relevant as the workplace continues to evolve today.

From the article:

The process for getting a raise at my company used to be super easy, until I learned that most people didn’t know what it was, and if they did, were terrified. My intention was to keep the organization as flat as possible, be very transparent and provide an open-door environment. The only time my door was shut, was when some poor soul had summoned the courage to do what I thought was fun and easy, ask the CEO for more money.

I have always been interested in optimizing our company so that employees can do their best work. The goal is not only to add the most value to our clients, but also provide an environment where people are creative, productive, and excited about their work.

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