Designing a Delightful
IoT Shower Experience

We collaborated with Moen in the U by Moen digital shower — from the app UI through the in-shower unit, and ultimately an Alexa skill — and designed an experience that empowers and delights customers.


Discover the features that make a digital shower delightful

Moen came to us with the technology in place to make the first IoT shower a reality. The question remained: what would make Moen's digital shower experience extraordinary? Our partners at Moen knew they were solving for pain points many shower users wouldn't even detect, but for the product to thrive, they knew the U by Moen shower experience would need to promise delight.

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Blink was pivotal in enabling us to uncover consumers’ true needs, wants and desires in a Wi-Fi connected shower experience. Because this is the first product of its kind on the market, we wanted to make it exciting for the user and Blink was instrumental in helping us achieve that goal.”

Sanj Moghe, Moen
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Understanding specific user needs and motivations

We begin the evidence-driven design process by interviewing users. We spoke with over 30 users to get to know the behavior and needs associated with shower usage before sketching out and prototyping various UIs. After a series of testing and revisions, we landed on a final design to be executed by our development team.

When we collaborated with Moen again on a voice interaction experience for the U by Moen shower, we needed to get an even more specific understanding of users' shower experience. Striking a balance between a realistic shower setting and making the users comfortable, we arranged white boards with the U by Moen attached. This, combined with a prototype of an Alexa skill, allowed us to capture how users currently use the U by Moen as well as how they would use the voice interaction with it.

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You mean I can start the shower from my bed and then only get up once the shower is nice and hot! That sounds wonderful.”

Study Participant

The Result

An award-winning experience that wins over customers

Over a series of projects, we worked with the team at Moen to design the U by Moen digital shower experience from the app UI through the in-shower unit, and ultimately an Alexa skill. Through our work, we were able to create a highly-praised luxury bathroom fixture that also makes showering more accessible. In January 2017 Moen released the U by Moen™ shower at CES to rave reviews.

Moen shower control Moen shower control

2018 HD Awards Finalist

U by Moen™ was named a finalist in Hospitality Design magazine’s 14th annual HD Awards, the industry’s premier competition, which celebrates the best in hospitality and product design.

2017 GOOD DESIGN® Award

The U by Moen™ digital shower won the 2017 GOOD DESIGN® award.

2017 Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX)

Moen’s next-generation digital shower, U by Moen™, was awarded with a 2017 ADEX Platinum award – the highest honor – by Design Journal. Judges recognized U by Moen shower for its superior product design and technology. The annual competition draws nearly 3,000 entries from 500 companies.

Beautiful Kitchens & Baths 30 Most Innovative Products for 2017

Beautiful Kitchens & Bath magazine, part of the Luxury Home Design Group at Meredith Corporation, has selected the new U by Moen™ shower as one of the 30 Most Innovative Products for 2017.

2016 KBCULTURE Awards

The KBCULTURE awards are given to exceptional kitchen and bath products, recognizing excellence in design and technological innovation. The U by Moen™ shower received top honors in the Bathroom Fittings category for being the only Wi-Fi shower system on the market that allows users to have a personalized showering experience.

I have owned this unit for about 6 months now and I can safely say I will never buy another home without it. I know that sounds ridiculous but once you're used to this type of shower with body sprays you will never look back.”

Home Depot customer in Houston, TX

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