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Jan 26, 2018 | Updated Jun 12, 2024

Welcome Tectonic!

I am thrilled to announce the brilliant minds at Tectonic are now in-house at Blink as part of our design studio!

I am thrilled to announce the brilliant minds at Tectonic are now in-house at Blink as part of our design studio! Tectonic brings a new design muscle to Blink that is based on the creative leap from process and strategy to driving impactful design — a perfect complement to our Evidence-driven Design approach. By joining forces with Tectonic’s creative and strategic thinkers, we provide even greater value to our clients and their end-users.

"Together we’re a powerful combination. Blink’s evidence-driven approach and Tectonic’s strategic, brand-focused process will really stand out in the marketplace. We’ll be able to provide more holistic solutions and ultimately have more impact solving today’s design problems.e way because it’s so well designed so you don’t even notice it." - Bill Flora, Tectonic Founder

In 2011, Tectonic founder Bill Flora delivered the Metro design language to the top brass at Microsoft. It was the culmination of almost two decades of his work and represented the first time a major engineering-led organization had implemented a design language to unify the user experience across products and platforms. Bill then went on to found Tectonic in 2012, which has offices in both Seattle and Boston. Tectonic’s major clients include Amazon, Bang and Olufsen, Bing, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, HBO, Microsoft, and Samsung.

"We love to work with large companies to help them see past the next ship cycle (or three), developing high-level digital strategy and distilling brand DNA into signature experiences and a design language that unifies the efforts of dozens of teams." - Bill Flora, Tectonic Founder

Over the last two decades, Blink has been focused on careful growth to address our industry’s steady rise, and a more rapid rise in the last two years. In order to remain a leader in the user experience design space, and to serve our clients’ pressing and larger-scale digital needs, Blink needs to scale with our clients and the industry.

During this time of growth, Blink will remain committed to being a values-driven company, with a deep partnership model as the foundation for all of our client relationships. Our DNA will always be evidence-driven, even as our services evolve.

We have already begun to infuse our history of research insights with Tectonic’s strategic design thinking, and we now officially offer the following services (with a bang!):

  • Product Envisioning
  • Product Strategy
  • Brand Envisioning
  • Brand Design Language
  • Digital Brand System Design
  • Visual System Design

Tectonic also brings new geography to Blink, with an office in Boston. Earlier this year, we opened a studio in San Diego, and last week we moved into our new beautiful Seattle HQ space, occupying 28,000 square feet of Seattle’s waterfront.

Open house

Please be sure to join us for a big open house celebration on Wednesday, February 7, where you can enjoy the view while being immersed in a high-tech, creative studio space and meet some of the brightest people in the digital world.


Stay tuned for more growth updates as Blink continues to expand across the country, with passionate employees who deliver high impact, high-value services to our clients every day.



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