NFC: Think Outside the Device

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Kelly Franznick

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Near Field Communication
The promises and pitfalls of a technology that will change your life.

Last night I had the opportunity to participate on a panel about Near Field Communications (NFC) technology hosted by the MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest. This was a great event and a really enjoyable experience for me. The panel had some great participants with focused industry experience.

After the moderated panel discussion, the audience had a chance to ask questions. Some of the best ones included:

  • Technology is always used in unanticipated ways. What do you see as the unanticipated uses for NFC?
  • How would a drug dealer use it?
  • Isn’t this just a big ad platform?

There is also a
companion whitepaper available.

Watch the Presentation

At Blink, we are starting to work with clients who are preparing NFC apps and devices – but much has to happen before this technology will have the impact it should. I was invited to the MIT event because I told Geekwire in an interview that NFC was the most interesting technology on the horizon.

Check out my video of the presentation:

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