Karen Clark Cole smiling in a radio studio.
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Jan 31, 2018 | Updated Jun 11, 2024

Karen Clark Cole on Mike Adams About Money Radio

Karen talks to Mike Adams, host of About Money Radio, about why having a positive user experience is no longer a way to set yourself apart, but really a requirement for any successful business.
On January 26, 2018, our CEO, Karen Clark Cole was interviewed by Mike Adams on his weekly radio show “About Money,” which airs in Seattle on KLFE 1590Am, or can be found online.

About Money is a podcast and radio show hosted Mike Adams. Every Saturday, Adams talks about the latest trends in the market, his theories behind them, and where we've been to determine where we're going. Adams also talks to trendsetters, creators, and business people from all over the Seattle area to learn about the very latest industries and get their take.

In January 2018, he talked to our CEO and co-founder, Karen Clark Cole.

"If you can create a really intuitive seamless user experience, you're going to get more trust from your actual end-users...We also do a lot of work with the healthcare industry and the scientific industry. We do a lot of work with NASA helping them with big data. We're helping it become easier for scientists [to use the data] so they can get busy advancing science." — Karen Clark Cole on About Money Radio with Mike Adams

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