CalmWave wins GeekWire Award for UX Design of the Year, presented by Blink
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May 30, 2023 | Updated Jun 11, 2024

CalmWave wins GeekWire Award for UX Design of the Year, presented by Blink

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We’re honored to present CalmWave with the 2023 GeekWire UX Design of the Year Award! GeekWire Awards recognize the top technology innovators and companies in the Pacific Northwest. The UX Design category, sponsored by Blink, is dedicated to those working to help users across healthcare, worker training, workspace collaboration, and employee performance evaluation.

CalmWave's web-based user interface is focused on delivering what is typically very complicated and messy patient information (i.e. vital signs, electronic medical record data, etc.) in a simple and digestible format.

Image of the CalmWave logo and platform interface.
“The status quo for healthcare companies is to show six-foot-wide monitors displaying 30 patients’ vital signs data while each monitor is constantly ringing with alarms. This quickly creates cognitive overload for clinicians tasked with monitoring the health of their patients,” says GeekWire.

CalmWave aims to reduce alarm fatigue and nurse burnout by eliminating all non-actionable alarms, “leading to a quieter ICU and improved operations for the unit and the hospital to the benefit of clinicians, patients, caregivers, and everyone in the ICU,” according to Ophir Ronen, founder, and CEO of CalmWave.

Check out a demo of the CalmWave platform.

The panel of judges: Laura Barboza, Amish Patel, Jeremy Beesley, and Laura Blanchard

Blink’s Laura Blanchard reflects on CalmWave’s UX Design, stating:

“What stood out to me and the other judges about this platform was both the level of technical complexity and potential impact on a very critical group of users: ICU nurses.

The concept and designs are based on deep cognitive and behavioral research, and the CalmWave team partnered with users throughout the process to make sure what they are delivering resonates with user groups.

The potential for leveraging AI in the context of ICUs has the potential to change the way the entire ICU industry operates.”

Blink CEO Karen Clark Cole presenting the award to
Blink CEO Karen Clark Cole presenting the award to CalmWave CEO Ophir Ronen.

Thank you to all who applied for UX Design of the Year! We had so many inspiring submissions this year. Learn more about the other 2023 award finalists.